Sunday 24th December 2017 – Calendar

Now I know how much you all love looking at Entlebuchers but did you realise you could do that all year long with one of our calendars? My photo even made it onto the front cover. The calendar is all the best shots from the Club’s photo competition this year as voted on by lots of Club members. What’s even better is that any profit made on the calendars goes into the Club’s rescue fund.

There aren’t that many left so if you do want to buy one then you really ought to be quick. Here is the link to where you can buy it and above I’ve given you a picture so you can see what to expect and what you’ll be missing if you don’t buy one – so what are you waiting for.

Of course, I’m writing all this to help avoid having to help with the Christmas present wrapping. You would not believe how much mess our Mistress can make. It’s also going to be a close run thing whether she gets them all done before she runs out of sticky tape. She seems fairly philosophical about the whole thing so I guess there’s no point in me worrying. To be fair, I’m really more interested in the turkey that has taken up residence. I’d really rather like to get to it before anyone else does, but I’m being kept under close scrutiny. I shall keep trying to give everyone the slip, but I suspect they are expecting trouble and won’t let me get away with it!

Have a lovely Christmas Eve and if you are opening your presents today you’re either impatient of not English, but enjoy them anyway. I’ll be back tomorrow and will try to do justice to Alfie’s Christmas messages with one of my own.



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