Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – Who’s in charge?

It’s going to be one of those days today. Our Mistress has gone out for the day leaving the rest of us trying to work out who is most suited to being in charge. Our Master has been left with instructions, but I have to admit he was a bit reluctant about that. I’m way past wanting to be in charge, particularly as part of the responsibilities includes dealing with the arrival of the chimney sweep. I’m just going to hide myself away and hope no one comes looking for me. Shadow’s going swimming in my place today. I really don’t mind as it’s no fun without my Mistress there. Shadow, on the other paw, will have a wonderful time showing off and being utterly adored by the remaining humans in the party. She will do anything to get their undivided attention and even let them put her through the shower yesterday to get rid of the hard won smell of fox poo. I couldn’t help laughing as she was quite proud of that smell and when she came out of the shower the boys had used shampoo on her and she came out smelling all flowery instead, which is really not her style. It’s ok, she’s going out to find something to roll in just as soon as she can. There’s plenty round here to choose from so it won’t take long.

Shadow has been quite funny recently. She’s been so happy to have her original human living back at home that she’s bouncing around as though she’s a puppy again. I don’t think she’s ever had as much fuss made of her as she’s getting right now and she’s loving it. I’m glad she is having such a lovely retirement. She deserved that after all her hard work.

Have a great Tuesday


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  1. Hahaha, Alfie, Shadow and fox poo!!! I wonder if the boys, and your Mistress, for that matter, know that tomato ketchup takes away the smell of fox poo? I have a friend whose little Skye terrier just loves to roll in fox poo, so he keeps a very large bottle of ketchup to slather her with, before the shower! Hugs! xx

    • I’m going to get Aristotle to put Ketchup on the shopping list for us, thank you. He’s the only one who can reach the board to write it. The rest of us aren’t so good on two legs at that height.

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