Thursday 4th January 2018 – False Pretences

You think you’re going to the vet for a biscuit and a bit of sympathy and the next thing you know they are sticking your kennel cough vaccination up your nose and sticking a needle in your leg. There was none of this ‘We’re sorry to hear you don’t feel well, Mr Dog, how can we make you better?’ Oh now, just prodding and poking and needles! To be fair, my kennel cough was due, and I did need my regular blood test but no one told me they would be happening yesterday. Ok, so I was feeling much better and I hadn’t been sick again, but I wanted to be simpered over and petted like any dog feeling under the weather. Our Mistress thinks it may have been my own fault for swallowing a chew before I’d really chewed it the other day and is keeping me off chews for a few days as a precaution. However, in my defence I was stressed and was worried if I didn’t swallow it someone might take it away. Some would say I was showing signs of paranoia but I’d prefer to think of it as a perfectly reasonable concern, even though the only direct threat was a human and I’ve never seen one of those with a chew before – but there’s always a first time! We all have to start somewhere. Anyway, thank you all for showing a little more respect and sympathy than I got around here. It’s comforting to know who my real friends are.

Today we need to remember what the usual routine used to be before Christmas and New Year got in the way. It’s going to be odd as the schools haven’t gone back and our Master is still around the house, but our Mistress has insisted that we dogs need to remember how things work and settle back into a regular pattern. It suits me. I’m not great when things happen out of the ordinary and can get quite distressed so as long as I can stay close to our Mistress then everything is fine by me.

Have a good day


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  1. Welcome back Alfie. Glad you are feeling better. Sending more cuddles which I hope will help. Love Gill and Sammi. xxxx

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