Monday 8th January 2018 – Not for the squeamish

If you’re squeamish then look away now! Alfie is feeling a little improved as the abscess burst and that means the swelling has gone down quite a lot and the pressure on his eye has reduced. He says it tasted really horrible when it burst and it took ages from him to get rid of the taste. However, he had a tentative yawn afterwards and could move his mouth much more freely without crying out in pain. Mum was really relieved as he’d refused his bedtime biscuit and that’s never a good sign. He was really grateful for all your good wishes and has asked that you keep him in mind tonight and tomorrow, not only for his operation tomorrow, but more especially as he can’t eat after 9pm tonight and that will be a very big ordeal for him.

Shadow and I had a lovely meet and greet walk yesterday. It was one of those sunny cold winter days where you trot along merrily feeling happy to be alive. I did want to steal a ball from a Jack Russel and run off with it so he’d chase me, but Mum said I wasn’t allowed to do that. There were lots of floods by the river so we kept to the higher path and Mum and Dad were reluctant to have to paddle. I was game, but I was the only one. We really liked the people so that was good too. They asked Mum how they decide if people are ok to be owners of our breed and she said that it was down to us dogs. She thinks we’re a pretty good judge of characters and are much harder to fool than a human. If we say someone is ok, then that’s quite enough for Mum to be happy. I felt quite important after that.

Have a really happy Monday



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  1. Wilma, do please look after Alfie – so sorry he’s unwell, and I hope all goes well with his op. Tell him he can look forward to more food after, when he’s properly round! Lots og hugs from Niamh and me xx

    • Thank you. I’ll really try. He’s worried his mouth might hurt too much to want to eat, but I know Mum has bought some steak to share with him so I’m sure he’ll try very hard.

  2. Hello Wilma

    Uncle Dave and I really enjoyed our walk along the river with you and Shadow yesterday too. We felt very happy that you judged us as suitable parents for an Entlebucher. We can’t wait to become parents again – and we have a name for our new girl when she is more than a mote of dust in the air . She will be Daisy xx Thank you for showing us how to behave with Swiss Aristocracy xx

    • It was fun meeting you too. Sorry I barked so much, I just get a bit excited. Mum’s told me I need to learn to be quieter but it just overwhelms me and I bark

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