Sunday 14th January 2018 – Not Just a teddy bear

Our Mistress seems to be under the impression that we are replacements for her childhood teddy bears. Now, whilst I wouldn’t want her to be totally dissuaded from that view, she does need to recognise that we are rather more than that. Which of her childhood teddies could have dug up the recently planted aubrietia plants? Which of them could spend two hours whinging before every meal because they are hungry? Exactly! Teddy bears are docile creatures without a thought of their own in their precious little heads. We, on the other paw, are thinking beings with a will of our own. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re as happy to snuggle up in bed as any teddy bear but we need to be treated with respect, not least because I’ve heard that teddy bears are put through the washing machine every so often and that’s not a good thing for a dog for any one of a number of reasons! Oh I know that a teddy is cheaper to take care of but we offer so much more. I accept the nickname of ‘Bear’ because it means I get a lot of cuddles but I wouldn’t want you to think that’s all I am. There is far more to this dog than meets the eye! I’m not absolutely sure what there is, but I’d probably describe them as hidden depths. So far hidden that I’m still looking for them!

I do sometimes wonder how I’ll be remembered in the future. I’ve not really achieved anything in my six years, unless being gorgeous counts. I have not had puppies. I’ve not done a real job. I think I may be having a mid-life crisis. Maybe this is the point where I should invest in my own set of wheels or die my fur purple. I’m open to suggestions. Maybe I’ll just let my rebellious streak shine through, or give in and accept being a teddy bear.


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  1. Being gorgeous does count Ari and you contribute to Alfie’s diary. I like a bit of a rebel being a bit of one myself but don’t tell your mistress I encouraged you. Happy Sunday to you all. xxxxx

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