Friday 19th January 2018 – Wilma’s Friday Flashback

I just love Fridays. I spend ages going back through all the things that the others have got up to over the years. I really like some of Alfie’s views.


Well I am home again and have discussed the whole absent father thing with my mistress. I am shocked, it is worse than I had supposed. Not only are there situations where dogs get bitches pregnant and walk away there are even situations where money changes hands. Not between the dogs, that would of course amount to prostitution, no it’s worse than that. The money changes hands between the owners. The owners of the dog actually receive money for him enjoying himself and walking away. It is outrageous. Perhaps this one is just too big an issue for the PDDP to deal with.


My Master does not learn his lessons very quickly. Once again he left a sandwich unattended and was surprised to find the top slice of bread had disappeared. I was very good, I only had the one slice and didn’t start on the meat. I would have gone back for that but as it turned out, I didn’t get the chance.

Our road – January 2010


At least now the snow has all cleared, my Mistress has been able to go round and clear up all the residual mess that we had left in the garden. She can now confirm with complete certainty that Shadow did actually eat the thumbs off the oven gloves and hadn’t just chewed them off and hidden them somewhere. Until now she has had a small hope that she might find the thumbs and be able to sew them back onto the gloves, but I can now tell you that WILL NOT be happening!

Oh I could keep going, but I think that’s probably enough. What was really interesting was just how many of the years I looked at had snow around now. I’m just fed up we’ve had so little this year. Oh I know the humans don’t want it, but I’m a mountain dog and I LOVE snow!

Anyway, have a great Friday


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