Saturday 20th January 2018 – That was close

Wilma had a bit of a panic this week as she almost forgot to do her entry for Crufts. Alfie was only asking her if she’d applied for her Press Pass yet when she got a message from Sybil asking if she’d sorted her entry. Well she hadn’t and it’s nearly the deadline. Anyway, our Mistress helped her to get it sorted and she can now relax and start to get excited about the day itself. I think there are going to be quite a few Entlebuchers there and Wilma is hoping to be having a bit of a family party too. Obviously her niece, Sybil will be there as will her niece Izzy and nephew Salvo. There will be other UK dogs going including Basil and I think Dickens too and I think Alfie’s girlfriend Bella might be going this year. He’s going to wish he could be there to see her, but I’m sure our Mistress will take a little video for him. He says he’s proud of Wilma, but he’ll always have special feelings for Bella. I think Shadow’s starting to wish she was going too, but given she pulled a muscle running up the stairs the other day, it is perhaps best that she bows out gracefully. She’s going to be nine in a couple of weeks and while she’s in amazing shape for a dog who is both nine and has had 22 puppies, it’s still hard to compete against the youngsters when you’re going grey around the muzzle. Even I have had to accept that my best looking days may actually be behind me.

Anyway, there’s no good feeling wistful. What we lack in looks we make up for in experience and wisdom, at least in theory!

It all means the countdown has begun and we can start to get excited. Seven weeks next Thursday Wilma will be in the show ring once again.

Have a great Saturday


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