Sunday 21st January 2018 – The Right Idea

Whilst she loves her walks there is one thing that Wilma loves even more and that’s being cuddled. She’s never one to miss an opportunity and when our Mistress went back to bed yesterday morning Wilma was first on the scene to join her. The only real problem that was when our Mistress finally decided she was ready to get up, Wilma did not completely agree so just sat on our Mistress preventing her from actually moving.

You’ll be pleased to know they did get up eventually and we all had lovely, if somewhat muddy walks. Because Shadow is still a little bit sore she didn’t want to go too far and neither did I, so we had a relay system going where Wilma went for the whole walk and Shadow and I only did half each.

It was a good day all round really as at last Alfie says his eye is feeling a little better and he was much more cheerful as a result and wanted some time outdoors. He helped our Mistress measuring up for moving the wood store closer to the back door. She came in looking a little sheepish. Her original plan had been to make it very easy to get to but thankfully she has done some correct measurements before putting the plan into action. It turns out that the spot she is planning to put it in is long enough for it to fit and the height won’t block the kitchen window. However, she had forgotten one tiny little measurement. It turns out that the depth of the wood store would means you would walk out of the back door and walk straight into it! At least she realised in time. It will now have to go a little further away but it’s better to do that and find we can’t actually get out of the back door to get any wood anyway.

Happy Sunday


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