Thursday 25th January 2018 – Pawsing to remember

I’m going to share an important press release with you in a moment, but before I do I need to tell you the sad news that my brother died earlier this month. Ramses (E-ramses as he was christened) was a great brother for the small amount of our lives we got to spend together. I tried to keep in touch with his news when I could, but it’s hard over long distances and with language issues involved. My Mistress spent a lot of time cuddling me when she broke the news to me. I think it made her think how precious our time is together. This week, she and I have been together for exactly twelve years and we both hope there will be many more. Anyway, my thoughts and love go out to all of my brother’s human family and to my two remaining sisters. We are thinking of you all.

Which brings me to the press release we received. Now usually I only give you the interesting bits of what comes in to us, but this one is probably best in their own words and is a great opportunity for all you dogs and your families to those who have died in conflict. If you take part, I’d ask you to take time to reflect on all who lose their lives in conflict whatever side they were on and both current and past conflicts. I am very much a pacifist dog, though I recognise there are times when defending your life is essential. Innocent parties die on all sides and when you take time to reflect, think of how needless and wasteful every war inevitably is. So, here is a message from National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, England.


Dogs will Paws for Remembrance at National Memorial Arboretum

Hundreds of dogs and their owners will sniff around the National Memorial Arboretum at its annual Paws for Remembrance event on 11 February 2018, supported by PDSA. A special walking route (ruffly 5km) is available between 9am and 3pm, covering areas of the Arboretum normally inaccessible to four-legged visitors.

Paws for Remembrance offers the opportunity for dog lovers to explore the 150-acre Arboretum which is home to more than 350 memorials which pay tribute to those who have served, sacrificed, or suffered on behalf of our country. Volunteers will be available to provide information about the Arboretum and the memorials encountered during the walk.

Happy Hounds High Street will host a selection of pet related businesses from across the country offering a wide range of products and services, including pet portraits, pet clothing, and treats.

Veterinary staff from the PDSA will be on site offering free MOT health checks for dogs (donations appreciated), free general pet care advice, demonstrations of emergency pet first aid, and a range of pet care items for sale.

For humans keen to wolf something down, the Arboretum’s restaurant and coffee shop will be serving a range of hot meals and snacks. As with previous years, the Arboretum Dogs will be allowed to enter the coffee shop with their companions, however they will be restricted to the large outdoor seating area of the restaurant. Following furvent campaigning from four legged visitors, the Arboretum will not have hot dogs on the menu.

Sarah Oakden, Head of Marketing at the Arboretum, said: “Paws for Remembrance was founded in 2016 after we were collared by dog owners who wanted to bring their four-legged friends to explore more of the site than usually pawmitted. We are confident that 2018 will be the most successful event yet, and look forward to welcoming hundreds of animal lovers to the Arboretum.

“Dogs are welcome to visit the Arboretum all year round; however we do ask that dog walkers use our designated route to ensure the comfort of all our visitors. Also, I’m sorry about all of the puns, I know they are really corgi.”

To sign up for Paws for Remembrance, please call Tel: 01283 245 100 or book online;

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