Saturday 27th January 2018 – Spring is in the air

Now, I’m not sure it has much of a foothold, but the first signs of spring seem to be appearing. We had a lovely walk in the sunshine yesterday. It was cold, but there was no biting wind as there had been and it wasn’t raining, which in my book is a bonus. We’ve been practically swimming in water on our usual walk, so it’s nice to have it drying out a little. What is really giving me hope that the year is improving is that there are some crocusses and snowdrops pushing their little heads up through the grass. Now I do realise the optimism will only last as long is it is before we forget they are fragile and either run over them or pee on them, but just at the moment they are a small cause for optimism.

I did a bit of a double take in the garden the other day. There I was minding my own business, sniffing around, and it seems a tree has appeared where I wasn’t expecting to find one. Our Mistress has reassured me that it is meant to be there and didn’t just move in of its own accord. Apparently it’s another cherry tree, a fruit one rather than an ornamental one. Our Mistress keeps saying she’s probably put as many trees in as she can get away with and then sneaks another one in. We have two pear trees, three apple and two cherries. I even heard her saying she could put another apple in the gap the other side. It’s a good job we like trees as much as she does other wise we’d have an awful lot of digging to do. The tool shed has moved too so she’s now considering if something more attractive could go where it stood before. I’ve put in a bid for a large comfy outdoor dog bed, but I’m not sure she was listening. Maybe she’d go for a seat we could share instead.

Have a lovely Saturday


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