Thursday 1st February 2018 – Bad to worse

If you thought we should worry about our Mistress and the wood that’s nothing to the new study course she’s doing. She is trying to improve her marketing abilities and as part of that is trying to improve our websites. Now, thankfully I would not give her the password to this website so it was safe from her activities. However, her first step was to install some back up software that did not work as well as the one she was already using. Her second step was to run a process that was going to inprove the speed of the site and what it actually did was stopped all our email working and meant she could not access the site at all. Step three was to fix step two. That was the point she managed to completely destroy the website she was working on and could not get the backup she had taken to restore it to its former state. Oh you should have seen her. She was not happy. She only broke off to go to collect her pieces of wood, which did at least cheer her up for a while. We then had one of those ‘What will happen if I just press this button?’ moments and thankfully that seems to have been the one that summons the fairygodmother to put everything right again.

It’s times like this I remember that she should never be allowed out on her own and that one of us should always accompany her. The worrying thought is that she’s gone to London today WITHOUT US! We’re busy looking after our Master for the day while she has to cope on her own. I just hope she knows which train to catch without Wilma’s help! I shall be a happy dog when she comes home again this evening. But then I’m a happy dog when she comes home having been away for 5 seconds, so situation normal.


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