Sunday 4th February 2018 – They were not expecting that

Shadow normally sleeps in Andrew’s room and only Alfie and Wilma sleep in with our Master and Mistress. When Andrew is not there, she has been making the most of sleeping in James’s room. However, she was proving too annoying by getting excited and forgetting to sleep. Anyway, I said I was happy for her to sleep in my room with me, but our Master went all soft on her and said she could sleep in their room. I did feel a little disgruntled, but we’ll leave that aside for the time being. If my room isn’t good enough, you only have to say so! Anyway, our Mistress thought the most likely arrangement was that Shadow would end up getting into bed with Wilma. She did take Shadow’s bed in so they could all have their own beds but then our Mistress went to bed and left them to it. When our Master said there were two in the bed, our Mistress just assumed it was Wilma and Shadow until our Master took a photo of them all. Poor old Alfie, he was not expecting to share his bed with Shadow. He doesn’t mind Wilma getting up close with him, but he gets very edgy about any other dog doing that. He’s far too polite to really complain and he managed to keep his rising panic under control until about 1.30am when he had to get up and wake our Mistress to say he really couldn’t sleep and could she please help him sort it out. At that point She tried to say he could sleep in Wilma’s bed, which was free as Wilma had chosen Shadow’s. He didn’t like to do that in case it upset anyone. Then our Mistress had to get up and wake Shadow to get her to move out of Alfie’s bed and into Wilma’s so that Alfie could go back to sleep in peace. Next time I imagine our Mistress is going to insist that Shadow sleeps in with me, but I’ll remember that my room wasn’t good enough for them this time and simply won’t agree.

Have a lovely Sunday


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