Monday 5th February 2018 – Oh no! Poor Alfie

There was Aristotle laughing at Alfie not wanting to share his bed and it turns out that poor Alfie is ill again. He finished his antibiotics a week or so ago and was on an eye cream to see if that could reduce the remaining inflammation of his third eyelid, however it’s more than that. Yesterday he eye started to swell up again so Mum called the vet even though it was Sunday. She was right to do that as he has the return of his abcess again and his glands and cheek were swollen and his eye is painful, as is his jaw. He’s had another antibiotic injection but now has to go to a special vet to have a CT scan to find the cause of the problem. Although he’s not looking forward to it, this has been going on for so long now that he says he just wants to get it sorted out. He’s going to have to stay on antibiotics until they can find out the cause and sort it out. He’s really down and miserable and Mum is very worried about him. We’re all having to tip-paw around again so we don’t disturb him.

The rest of us all had lovely walks yesterday. Mum said it was nicest when she took Aristotle as it felt quite springlike then. By the time Shadow and I went there was a cold wind, which we didn’t mind too much but Mum was less keen on.

Ari helped Mum move the bird feeding station to its new position in the front garden. She is now planning to buy lots of food for the birds as she will be able to fill it all up safely. Being in the back garden gave rise to two problems. Firstly, we tried to eat the birds and secondly we succeeded in eating their food.

Have a great Monday



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  1. Hello everyone, we are sorry to hear that Alfie is poorly again. We hope the tablets help and that the Vets can sort it out quickly so he is feeling better again soon. We all send lots of love for s speedy recovery. Dickens and the gang XXXXXXXX

    • Thank you, Dickens. Mum thinks the abscess burst again overnight so he is in a bit less pain now, but very unhappy. Hopefully he will have his scan very soon.

  2. So sorry to hear Alfie is poorly. Hope you are feeling better soon Alfie. Sending you lots of love and cuddles. xxxxxx

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