Wednesday 7th February 2018 – A lovely day

Shadow had a lovely birthday yesterday and says thank you for all the good wishes. She spoke to her brother Rocky first thing and he had been for a walk on the beach in Portugal where he’s staying. She wasn’t very jealous as she went swimming and had a lovely time. She is not sure which she enjoyed most the swim itself or the wash and blow dry when she got out. Then she went to the pet shop to choose some special birthday treats and drool over the rabbits. When she came home she didn’t know whether to start on the duck strips or the beef jerky so had some of each and some fish treats too. She justified her birthday excess by saying she’d worked really hard at her swimming, which Mum agreed she had. All in all she said it was one of her best birthdays ever.

Alfie’s scan is tomorrow however being on the antibiotics is definitely helping him. He is feeling much better than he was, although is not yet back to his old self. He was well enough to ask for some of Shadow’s presents so he couldn’t be too bad! We don’t know whether he will be having an operation tomorrow as well. They won’t know that until they see what they find on his MRI scan.

We sort of had some snow here yesterday, but Mum complained that the English weather didn’t do anything very well. I said she should be careful what she wished for. I’ve read those fairy stories where you get what you asked for, but it all goes wrong because you haven’t thought about the implications! I don’t suppose it’s going to snow all of a sudden but you never know. We could have huge drifts by the weekend!



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  1. Glad Shadow had a lovely birthday. She looks very happy in the photo. Hope all goes well for Alfie today. I will be thinking of him. Sending him more cuddles. xxxxx

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