Communicating with Dogs – Saturday 10th February 2018

Alfie’s Countdown

We’re into a weird type of countdown. Our Mistress is on edge. Alfie is on edge. He’s had his last antibiotic for a while and now we just have to wait for the abscess to start to come up again. Our Mistress has promised to check his eye several times a day so she spots the very first sign of it coming back up and Alfie has assured her that he plans to tell her.

You don’t need to be Doctor Doolittle to be able to understand animals. Some of you humans might laugh at that, but he and our Mistress have this thing going. He goes to stand on the bathmat in their bathroom if he has a medical problem that needs looking at and even knows to present her with the right part of his body. The rest of us make her guess, which is ok until we run out of twenty questions and she still hadn’t got it.

Master Negotiator

My negotiation skills are almost perfected. I now get a fish before I go into my crate. It’s a big improvement on the two bits of kibble that I used to be offered, although I might raise my price in a while.

Saying I love you

Wilma is very good at communicating how much she loves everyone. She understands being blown a kiss and will promptly come and give a kiss in return. She is an expert and telling someone she loves them, particularly if they have had to get cross with her for


something and she wants to be forgiven.

It may not be the same for all breeds, but we have a very wide range of different barks. Our Mistress knows from our response if there is just a random person walking past our house or whether a beloved member of our pack is being announced. For that matter we have an altogehter different response for delivery people.

The Grumbler

Shadow is perhaps the funniest if she is ever feeling left out. She does the most amazing line in quiet grumbling that none of the family can resist. It must be hard for dogs whose owners don’t stop to listen to exactly what they’re saying.

Have a great day. I’m off to negotiate for more fish


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