Watching for Trouble – Monday 12th February 2018

No sign of the Abscess

I keep looking at Alfie’s eye. Mum keeps looking at Alfie’s eye for a return of the abscess. Everyone else keeps looking at Alfie’s eye – only Alfie can’t see if there is any change and to be honest he’ll probably feel it long before we see it. Somehow I think it could be a long and stressful week. Mum said she actually thought when he stopped his antibiotics on Saturday that it was looking better than it had done for some time, which would all be rather ironic if it stays that way. She did take a lovely selfie with him when they were having a cuddle together before bed the other night.

Shadow chewing wood

To be honest, the title ‘Watching for trouble’ could relate to any one of us. Shadow has had to have the log basket removed from the room she is in. No matter that Mum has explained that chewing on something he shouldn’t would be one possible cause of Alfie’s abcess, Shadow thinks she knows better and keeps taking logs out of the basket so she can have a little nibble now and again. She also leaves a trail of pieces all around the room.

Me and Hoppig

Me, well I simply won’t leave Mum’s cuddly toy alone now I’ve got a taste for it. She has sewn the tail back on and it’s just like a red rag to a bull. Mum is even having to take it into the bathroom in the morning so that I don’t stay behind to play with it when she’s gone.

Ari and… well most things

Aristotle, well, I think he said his bit yesterday. If there is trouble to be found he is usually orchestrating it whilst having a bit innocent look on his face.

I guess the only one who doesn’t go looking for trouble is Alfie, but he says even he had his moments when he was young. With me, I just want life to be full of moments. I hope I never get to a point where I take life too seriously as that would be very sad.

Have a week of fun



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