Feeding the Birds – Thursday 15th February 2018

Garden Birds

You’d think we’d be enough, but no, our Mistress seems to want garden birds as pets too. Ok, not exactly pets, but she is bestowing the same levels of care and attention on feeding the birds as she does us. Having decided to move the bird table to the front garden, she has now bought them every variety of bird food you can imagine, except live worms! To be frank, she looked at the possibility of live worms and drew the line there. Her wood bird table is yet to be completed, so the obsession is only going to get worse.


When she went out to feed them yesterday the robin was waiting happily for her to arrive and it really made her smile. FYI, I thought making her smile was our job, but it seems to have been delegated. Anyway, she took him some more meal worms and a suet ball, as well as more bird seed and sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds and goodness knows what else. I’ve even caught her looking out of the window to see what birds are at the table.

Benefits to us

It’s not all bad news. She has bought so much bird food that she doesn’t have anywhere to put it. At the moment it is in the hall. That’s good news as when she tops up the bird food containers she tends to drop a little on the floor. That’s where we come in. It is now taking us much longer to walk from the kitchen to the stairs as we have to scour the floor for bird seed on every trip. In fairness, I’m not as bad as Wilma. She’s tried sticking her nose into the sacks of bird seed themselves, for which she has been told off! I think it’s fair to say, it would not be safe to leave us with unrestricted access to the hall right now!

With all my love


Ps – we’re still waiting for the abscess!

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  1. Alfie, you’d best warn your mistress – pigeons love to come and maraud where they find easy food! We have neighbours that set out to feed all the little birds, and the pigeons have moved in, in droves! To be honest, they’re not the most approachable people, so we can’t say anything! They even put out bread on the grass, which the pigeons love, so their lawn now looks like a chicken coop! I do hope there are no pigeons where you are – but hey, with you lot, you could do ‘bird scaring’ in shifts, methinks?

    Stay well, Alfie – much love & hugs, and a purr from Niamh!

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