Travelling to Europe with a Dog – Monday 19th February 2018

Travelling with a Dog

Travelling with a dog just got a whole lot better. Oh I know I’m biased and I love it when we go on journeys, but now you can see my half-brother’s picture when you travel. Mum always says that when we travel we are best going by Eurotunnel as not only is it faster but we all stay in the car together. I just can’t wait for my next trip, which won’t be very long away but I’ll tell you more about that soon.


Travelling with a dog
Salvo at Eurotunnel

Eurotunnel ran an opportunity to send in photos of your pets travelling. My half-brother (and nephew!) Salvo sent in his photo. Then another friend of ours was travelling and spotted Salvo’s picture on the big banner showing where our exercise area is. How cool is that? My brother is a ‘pin up’. I just can’t wait to go and stand next to the banner and get Mum to take my photo next to him. I want to see if you can spot the family resemblance.


I’m going to have to get him to give me his paw-print when I see him at Crufts in a couple of weeks. I wonder if he will be able to get a discount on his travel in future in lieu of royalties.

What is ironic is that right next to his picture is a photo of two Beagles. Now if you have ever spent much time in the UK out and about with an Entlebucher you will know the most common question we get asked by people who don’t know what we are is ‘Are you a Beagle?’ Now we can just point everyone to the Europtunnel sign and say ‘Look! How different are we?’

I’m actually going to be go on the Eurotunnel much more soon, but I’m going to save telling you about that until later in the week. I think I might be writing the diary more again this week as Alfie is not feeling great and Mum thinks she will need to take him for his MRI in the next day or two. She says she wants to take him soon as she hates it when he’s in pain and miserable.

Have a great Monday and a special wave to Salvo if you’re reading



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