Switzerland – Thursday 22nd February 2018


Oh I know you all want to know about Alfie but I have to tell you the exciting news first. Dad has a new job and he’s going to be working near where I was born in Switzerland. How exciting is that? Oh I’ll miss him for the time he’s away but can you imagine how wonderful it is going to be when I can go out and spend time there with him? I shall get to see Mama and my sister Valeria and visit my sister Tosca. Oh the fun I can have. I’m just bursting with excitement about it all.

I do have to stay in England with Mum for a lot of the time and look after her while Dad is away, but I’ve promised to be good and I’m sure I can be.

Alfie’s Tooth

A Real Dog Tooth
Alfie’s Tooth

Anyway, this is what you really want to know.  Alfie came home yesterday afternoon. He says thank you to all of you for your love and support. He’s suffering the after effects of the anaesthtic and the pain killers he’s on and is very wobbly. He has so much medication at the moment that I’m just glad that Mum is so organised. I thought you’d like to see a picture of the offending tooth. All three parts really are one tooth. It made me wonder what one of mine might look like, although I’m hoping I don’t get to find out. He’s going to be under the weather for a few days, but then will hopefully start to feel much better.

Back To Switzerland

Oh this bit is exciting. The house Mum and Dad are looking at has a field behind it that has cows in for some of the year. I might be getting cows as neighbours. This is what every cow herding dog dreams of. I would be able to boast to all my dog friends that we have real Swiss cows for neighbours. They will be so jealous.



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