The Swiss Adventure – Saturday 24th February 2018

The Swiss Adventure

We had our first taste of the Swiss Adventure last night. Our Master has been trying to see a number of his friends before he sets off. Last night our Mistress prepared a raclette for some of them. Why am I telling you this? Well as a dog I think raclette is just the best thing ever. If you’ve never had one, the humans use it to cook their food on a sort of hot stone thing at the table. That means lots of slices of meat and cheese all ready to be used when someone is ready for them.

If you are a dog, sitting under the table, with a Mistress as soft as ours, that means being given some steak every so often. It even means being asked ‘Do you want the next bit raw, Aristotle or do you prefer it cooked?’

Helping Packing

The next part of the process is for me to help our Master packing. Here it is more a case of asking ‘Do you want that with or without extra dog hair?’ Actually, in our house the choice is pretty limited. With four of us it’s more a question of how many dogs he wants the hair to be from. Dog hair free is not really an option. He’ll be taking some photos of us so he doesn’t forget what we look like, as well as a copy of the book written by our Mistress. He’s going to find it all very odd without us all to tell him we love him all the time.

Update on Alfie

Alfie is doing all right. He’s back to complaining when his meals aren’t on time, which is definitely a good sign. He’s still having his food wet and is on so many drugs that he’s the ultimate hippy dog and totally spaced out. I think our Mistress is reducing his pain killers today so he’ll be back in the real world before he knows it.

Have a great day



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