Bird Table – Sunday 25th February 2018

Bird Table

Natural bird table
Bird Table

Well, this is our Mistress’s new bird table and I have to say it is pretty cool. It’s out of harm’s way for me cocking my legging, although to be fair I don’t actually do that. It is proving quite popular with the local birds too. I didn’t manage to get a picture with any of them actually on it, but our Mistress has been delighted to find we have a pair of robins rather than just a single bird. So far she has also seen a blackbird, a starling, a great tit and a sparrow. There are also the obligatory pigeons, but I guess that can’t be helped.

Bird Food

The one problem with our Mistress’s whole plan at the moment is that having bought bird food in bulk, there is nowhere suitable to put it away that is also convenient to the front door. At least until our Master goes away this week. She has had an idea of where to put it, but it means moving his toolbox. Her logic is that he’s going to need to take the toolbox with him to where he lives in Switzerland. She still has her own tools dotted around the place, although has never bought a fancy box to put them in. If she just moves his toolbox then she thinks the bird food can be stored in its place. If nothing else, it will be a while before he notices.

The Reality of our Master going away

Some of the reality of our Master going away hit me yesterday. He had a lovely cuddle with me and said how much he will miss me. He may not see me for quite a few weeks. That thought made me realise how real it all is. Oh there have been times when I’ve not seen him for a few days because he’s gone away for work, or when they have been on holiday with out me, but it’s never been for that long. I’m going to miss him. We’re all going to miss him. I know our Mistress plans to have video calls with him when she can’t see him, but they don’t work so well for us. We like to sniff and touch rather than just see someone. I’m going to ask if I can have one of his jumpers in my bed with me so I can smell him even when he’s not here.



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