Personal Problems – Monday 26th February 2018

Personal Problems

Aristotle doesn’t want me to tell you this as he says it’s embarassing, but he’s got to go to the vet because he’s sort and tender. He just describes it as having personal problems and covered his ears with his paws when he hear Mum telling Dad about it. He’s a very sensitive dog and says he really doesn’t like other people talking about his more intimate parts. Mum said we must always tell her if something is hurting. Otherwise she can’t help. We know the vet will help sort him out, but he still doesn’t want everyone prodding and poking him.


It’s all very ironic that we are having to make contingency plans to make sure Dad gets to Switzerland ok this week. We’ve had virtually no snow all winter and just when we need travelling to be easy, suddenly we have snow forecast. On the one paw, I’m quite excited about it all, but I can understand why Mum is worried. Once he gets to Switzerland they are much better geared to deal with the weather than we are. It’s getting him to the airport and his plan being able to take off that we are currently worrying about.


To be honest, if it weren’t the snow that Mum was worrying about at the moment I’m guessing it would be something else. I think she’ll be glad now when we’ve got the week over and she can start to work out what life looks like without Dad around. It’s going to be very odd and we’ve all had to promise that we’ll help out more around the house. To be fair, there are jobs I can’t help with but I can at least try to cause less chaos than I do at present. Ari is the one who actually helps out most but then walking on two legs makes it easier for him.



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  1. Oh dear poor Aristotle. I hope he is feeling better soon. Sending him some cuddles and some to Alfie, I hope he is recovering well. Actually sending cuddles to all of you. Hope your dad gets to Switzerland okay. xxxxx

    • Thank you. I’ll pass your good wishes on to him, but he may not be happy that I’ve told you.
      Have a lovely day

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