Back in the World

Back in the World

Hello everyone, it’s Alfie here. I’ve finished my Tramadol and I’m back in the world again. Oh it’s been strange. Even I could tell that mixing dementia with drugs that leave me a bit spaced out is not a good idea. My eye is still sore and I’m still struggling to eat anything dry, but it’s too early to know exactly how I am just yet. I have a check up on Thursday and we will hopefully know more than.


At least I have a check up if the snow doesn’t cause a problem. To say that our Mistress is stressed about getting our Master to the airport would be an understatement. They have looked at weather maps, train timetables, flight schedules. It doesn’t help that our Master’s flight goes via Amsterdam so there are two locations to worry about. Wilma is quite certain that once he gets to Switzerland, despite the weather, everything will be running smoothly there and she’s probably right. It’s just that the rest of us really aren’t used to it.

It also means she is concerned about getting me to my appointment too.


Aristotle is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for his little problem! He has to go for a check up appointment on Saturday when he has finished them to see if he is any better. If he isn’t he will need to go in for further investigation, so we all really hope it’s just an infection. He says he’s feeling very sore and uncomfortable but hopefully the medication will help soon.

Shadow is sympathetic to us both but at the same time she is happy that it means she goes swimming instead of us. She loves going swimming and our Mistress has even remembered to sort out her dressing gown to take for when she gets out of the pool. She’s going to look a very papered little dog.



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