Intrepid Explorers – Wednesday night an update

Intrepid Explorers

What a day it was yesterday. It really was a day of Intrepid Explorers. Firstly Dad needed to get to Switzerland. That’s easier said than done when you wake up to several inches of snow in a country not able to cope with it. Mum got up extra early to get the car started and clear of snow. You just wouldn’t believe the things that can go wrong. They left with an hour and a quarter to do a journey that should take less than half an hour. They got to the station with just ten minutes to the train. Mum dropped Dad to go and find the platform while she parked the car and then she ran to try to say goodbye before he left.

Except he didn’t leave. They were on the right platform and they were told the train that was there was the one before Dad’s. His train wasn’t on the board so they had no reason to think anything was wrong. Until the train left without him and he was then told the board was wrong and it had been his train!

Then they went to a different platform for the next train and although that was delayed there was still plenty of time. He got to the airport with lots of time. However, his flight was going via Amsterdam and the airline had a problem with things in the Netherlands which meant that it wasn’t the weather that was the problem at the end of the day, at least not in this country and his flight was cancelled altogether. So as I write this, he’s still trying to get to Switzerland.

Snow Dunes

Intrepid Explorers
Shadow and the snow dunes

Meanwhile, Shadow and I really felt like intrepid explorers on our walk as there were snow dunes from the drifting snow and neither one of us had seen anything quite like it. We had a wonderful walk in it all. Mum was less keen and said being blasted by icy winds and blankets of snow was more my thing than hers but I was in my element, as was Shadow. We just LOVE snow. It’s funny, the boys aren’t so keen but Shadow and I just think the whole thing is fantastic.

We just wish that Dad was having as much fun as we are.



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