A New Era – Wednesday 28th February 2018

A New Era

Ten years ago, give or take a month, we moved back to the UK from Belgium and began the last new era. Today our Master is off to start the beginning of the next adventure. This time is very weird as we aren’t all going at the moment. It’s even more weird for me, as I will never be going. I gave up travelling a while ago and so I will only see him on his occasional trips back to England. It’s going to be hard. I’m going to miss him. He’s going to miss me too. Our Mistress will be taking him to the station and dropping him with his suitcases. She was going to drive him to the airport, but the weather is bad so they have decided the train will be better. Once he’s gone she is going to come home and sit down with us all and have a big cuddle, and maybe a little cry as well.

We just want to tell him, we’re really proud of him and we all love him very much.


Obviously our Master can’t pack one of us to go with him but our Mistress did have a brand new Hoppig stuffed toy waiting in the wardrobe for him. It’s the toy from Ikea that looks just like one of us. She put it ready for him to pack on his case and then Wilma ran off with it. Our Mistress got it back for him before any harm was done.


Our Master did spend some time yesterday starting to get acclimatised for the weather he can expect to find in Switzerland. Wilma was beside herself with excitement that we’d actually got our first proper snow of the winter. To be fair, we all had a little play in it and remembered what it means to be a mountain dog.

Anyway, I’m off to curl up and think about our Master and all the good times we’ve had together.



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  1. Best wishes to your master on his new adventure. Hope you are improving day by day Alfie. Sending more cuddles. xxxxx

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