10 things for a dog to do on a snowy day – Saturday 3rd March 2018

10 things for a dog to do on a snowy day

Oh the fun Wilma and I had coming up with this list. To be fair, as you will probably guess, we all contributed to it, except our Mistress! I would like to point out that I did the writing from the comfort of sitting inside and only looking at the snow for much of the time, but Wilma and Shadow did their share of research. So here is our definite list of 10 things for a dog to do on a snowy day

Here’s what to do

  1. Entertain your human by letting them throw snowballs for you to chase. For some reason, they love the fact that they break into pieces. For you there is the advantage of having something to chase but never being expected to bring it back. Remember to pretend to be confused as that will make them keep throwing them.
  2. Find someone to help you build a snow dog. Admittedlym that needs to be the right type of snow and this powdery stuff doesn’t work so well, but it’s still fun trying.
  3. When you go out to the toilet and your human refuses to go with you, just pee right outside the door then nonchalently shrug and come back in.
  4. Walk nicely to heel until you are on a really icy stretch, then use four-paw drive to run ahead and see how good your human is at skiing.
  5. Bury your nose deep in the snow, just for the sheer pleasure of the experience. Don’t do it too many times or you’ll get what humans call ‘brain freeze’, or at least a very cold nose!
  6. Eat so much snow that you get your human up several times in the night because you need to pee.
  7. Roll in the snow so you are completely covered, then run and throw your paws around your human and give them a very cold cuddle.
  8. Go out into the garden to poo, then cover it with snow so that your human can’t find it to clear up after you. You can then watch them tiptoeing round the garden trying to avoid where you’ve been.

Or if you are more like me…

  1. Get your human to light a fire just for you, then snuggle down with your human and enjoy yourselves together.
  2. Find the best spot in the house and simply stay there all day. It’s amazing how long you

10 things for a dog to do on a snowy day
Wilma and Alfie enjoying a snow day

can go without peeing if you really don’t want to move.

Feel free to tell us which your favourites are, or add some we didn’t think of.

Have a great Saturday



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    • Oh good point. I wonder where I could buy a sledge from today as I don’t have one yet. We could just pull our Mistress along with it, although she might land in the ditch.

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