Feeling Glum – Sunday 4th March 2018

Feeling Glum

I’m not by nature a glum dog, but I am feeling glum today. I know Wilma shared with you the fact that I have a very sore part to my anatomy at the moment. I had to go for a check up yesterday and my antibiotics have not made it any better at all. Now I have to go in to be thoroughly examined under sedation tomorrow. That means no breakfast tomorrow! Actually, to be fair that is not the bit I’m worried about. I’m worried if they are going to find anything more major.

It’s not a part of your body you want prodded by humans wearing latex gloves. Apparently one possible cause of the problem is a tumour and that is not something you want down there either. I’m hoping it is one of the innocent causes, but you know what it’s like when you start checking your symptoms on the internet.

Alfie’s Check Up

Alfie had his check up at the same time and to be fair he’s in the wars too. He still has some inflammation in his mouth and his eye is sore. The vet wants to leave it to see if it settles down or if there is still a problem that they haven’t got to the bottom of. He’s got some cream for a sort paw too, but that’s minor in comparison.

Snow Drifts

Meanwhile Wilma went to our normal walk place yesterday for the first time since the snow. She and our Mistress had a hilarious time as the drifts were much higher than they realised. There was one point where even our Mistress was almost up to her knees and Wilma was up to her chin in snow. One of them was very happy about it and the other one was not so keen. I’ll let you work out which way round that was!



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  1. Oh Aristotle poor you and Alfie. Sending you both lots of cuddles. Hope all goes well tomorrow Aristotle. xxxxx

  2. Here’s hoping for some positive news for both you fellows. Olie and I never want to hear of any Entlebuchers sick with anything!!!!

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