Oven Gloves – Monday 5th March 2017

Oven Gloves

Alfie is a worried dog. He’s been telling me about Dad’s previous endeavours with oven gloves! Now to be fair, Dad has not had much use of oven gloves since Alfie was a puppy. Then however, he was notorious for setting fire to them. He was so bad that during his speech the Best Man at Mum and Dad’s wedding gave Dad a pair or ‘fireproof’ gloves as a joke. Mum took a different approach and simply ensured he didn’t have to cook for himself.

Now that has all changed. Because Dad is having to fend for himself in Switzerland he is going to have to attempt a return to cooking duties. He says the apartment he’s staying in doesn’t have any oven gloves at the moment and that quite honestly is probably for a good reason. In the unlikely event that you are living near him and especially if you are in one of the other apartments, Alfie would just like to warn you that Dad says he’s going to buy himself a new pair of oven gloves.


As I write this Aristotle is protesting loudly that he can’t have any breakfast. He’ll be off to the vet shortly. He was also rather put out to suffer the indignity of having to provide a urine sample. He says that peeing is a very important passtime for a dog and he should be able to do it unhindered by Mum following him round the garden with a little funnel and tube. Of course, once he was in full flow he was in less of a position to walk off, so Mum won in the end.

He’s asked if he can have steak for tea tonight to make up for his lack of breakfast. It’s actually worse than you might imagine as Mum, having been a little distracted recently, has run out of our food altogether and we’re both having to eat Alfie and Shadow’s food. It’s much the same of ours but lower calories, so we’re both feeling a little on the peckish side. Our food has been ordered and I’m going to sit by the front door today watching in case it arrives.

Have a great Monday


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  1. Hello everyone, hope you are OK in the snow. It has all gone from here.
    GOOD LUCK Ari, we are all thinking of you. Just shut your eyes and dream of your steak and it will be over in no time. It has been a weird night here. For some reason I needed to go out at 3am, then Dilys went out at 4am, and finally Darwin at4.45am. My Mum is very good but I think she will be tired today. She is going shopping with Dad later so hope that cheers her up! Love to you all Dickens and the gang XXXXX

    • Thank you. Oh dear, at least Alfie only got our Mistress up the once. Dickens you are much too young to need to go out in the night. You really need to have more consideration, little bro.
      Love Ari

  2. Hope all goes well for Aristotle today and I hope Alfie is feeling better. Sending more cuddles to both. xxxxx

    • Thank you. Can you believe our Mistress tricked me to go back into my crate to be away from food by putting my EMPTY bowl in! I am not impressed

  3. May I recommend oven gloves out of silicon. My mum has one (she wishes she had two actually) and it works just fine. You can rinse it if you happen to dip it into something and, as I understand, it won’t catch fire. Personally, I prefer the normal ones, they are much more fun to play with.

    • Francis, thank you I’ll tell him. We prefer the cloth ones as it gives us something to really lick, but that’s no fun when they’re charcoal.
      Have a great day

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