Getting Ready for Crufts – Wednesday 7th March 2018

Getting Ready for Crufts

Wilma is getting ready for Crufts. I think she will write the diary for the next few days unless she is too tired. At the moment is busy preparing. She had a bit of an argument with our Mistress over some of the preparations. Our Mistress seems to think a wash is only effective if you have it in clean water and not in the puddles outside. Wilma sees things very differently and things that clean water is a wasted opportunity. Given she has not actually set paw in a show ring since Crufts last year we are not expecting great things, but you never know. I’ve been wrong before and I could be wrong again.

To be honest I think she is looking forward to seeing her friends as much as being in the show itself. Salvo will be there cheering them on and his younger sister Izzy will be in the ring there for the first time. It will be Sybil’s first time at Crufts too, so she might look to her aunt for guidance. To be fair, Basil is so experienced that he’ll be the one they all go to with questions. Then there will be Lia and Buddy too and another dog we don’t know the name of yet.


Our Mistress is claiming her policy of never throwing anything away is entirely vindicated. She is getting lots of things ready to be taken over to Switzerland. What is scary is that we will still have enough here even when it’s all gone, although there will be some empty cupboards. I’ve checked to make sure the dog treat cupbaord is not being emptied and to my relief it’s fine, so all is well with the world. I know Wilma and Shadow are hoping to have beds in both places, but I don’t need to do that.

Have a great Wednesday


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  1. Hello everyone, please can I just wish everyone going to Crufts the very best of luck. Hope you have a lovely day and win all the rosettes. Sorry I cannot come this time but I will be thinking of you. We will all have our paws and fingers crossed here. I will look out for you on TV. Lots of love Dickens and the gang XXXXXX

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