Pre-Crufts Shower

Pre-Crufts Shower

Being pampered
My Pre-Crufts Shower

Some things are just destined to be funny. I gave Mum her pre-Crufts shower yesterday afternoon. Oh I know it was meant for me, but share and share alike, that’s what I say. She rolled her trousers up to her knees and took off her shoes and socks. She rolled her sleeves up and ended up in the water because I refused to get in. We got as far as her soaping me down and I was enjoying a bit of a massage, while liberally distributing the bubbles round her legs when the doorbell rang. Now she had put in her diary that a man was calling about one of those human things at 2.30 and as it was only 1.55 she presumed we had plenty of time. She was wrong!

I don’t think the poor man knew quite what to make of her looking as she did and then having to ask him to wait while she finished showering me. Once I’d put my dressing gown on I went through to check him out and he was very nice, but I can just imagine the story he’s going to tell when he gets back to the office.

I’m on the train

Now we’re all packed up for the day and will be leaving for the station in a minute. I’m looking forward to ringing Dad to say ‘Good morning’ and being able to have one of those ‘I’M ON THE TRAIN’ conversations. Mum is hoping the floor is not too dirty on the train, otherwise the efforts of yesterday will have been wasted, other than giving the man something to laugh about.

I think I’ve remembered everything I need. I’ve got my best collar on and my best lead. Mum has even put clean jeans on especially – but with me around she knows they won’t stay that way for long!

Right then – here goes!



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