Reality Dawning – Tuesday 13th March 2018

Reality Dawning

Well it’s fair to say that reality is dawning this end. Yesterday a man came round from the removers and our Mistress went through with him all the things that are moving from here to Switzerland. That was when it really sank in that nothing is going to be quite the same again. At a baic level, my bed in the kitchen is protected from the world by the kitchen table in front of it. The kitchen table is going. Our Mistress says she will get another one to use here, but it won’t be so big. That means I have a smaller place to hide behind. Then the big bed in hers and my Master’s room is going. I’ve grown very attached to that bed. Ok, so a bed from another room will be there, but I grew up on that bed. I may not see that bed ever again and that’s a big deal.

Not all bad news

It is not all bad news though. One settee is going and in it’s place in the lounge will be my favourite chairs that are a bit tucked away at the moment. Our Mistress has promised to cheer me up by sitting with me in one of those some evenings. I don’t honestly know what to think about it all really. My Mistress will still be here and so will my beds. It’s just that our Master not being here all the time feels more real and we all miss him.

Health Update

Not to want to be too miserable, there is some good news on the health front. Aristotle’s little problem is improving and hopefully by the time he finishes his antibiotics all will be well. My eye is about the same, so at least it isn’t any worse. If Shadow hadn’t overdone it, leaving her limping and our Mistress weren’t on antibiotics for a chest infection, we wouldn’t be too bad at all.



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