Shadow’s Turn – Wednesday 14th March 2018

Shadow’s Turn

Well it turns out it’s Shadow’s turn to be unwell. At the moment we have no idea of the cause, but before bed the night before last she decided to be sick. Not just a little bit sick after giving our Mistress notice. No, Shadow believes in doing things properly so she walked around her room being sick everywhere. Our Mitress was about to go to bed, but instead had to spend half an hour trying to clear it all up and then slept downstairs with Shadow to make sure she was ok.

She was ok, until her next meal when she was sick soon afterwards. At least that time she was a little more considerate and didn’t do it everywhere. Our Mistress has given her a good examination and can’t immediately find the cause. She says if Shadow is still being ill this morning then it will be off to the vet for her.


I went swimming yesterday for the first time in ages. With my abscess I’ve had to miss it for a while and I’d got out of the routine. When our Mistress said it was time to go I rather dragged my paws and said she could take one of the others. She didn’t agree so in the end I went and found I had quite a nice time. It does leave me very hungry though. This is my ‘Please give me an extra Bonio’ look. You’ll be pleased to know it worked and I was rewarded with a whole Bonio all to myself. It makes me think that I could probably stand to go swimming more often.


I’ve been trying to help our Mistress with packing some things up for Switzerland. Even after all these years you’d think she would have learned that I rarely know the answer to questions like ‘Where’s the box for this, Alfie?’ or ‘How does this fit back in the box?’ That last one is a bit of a trick question, as in my observation things never fit back in the box they came in, but maybe it’s just that my humans always try putting them the wrong way round.



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  1. Hello Shadow, hope you are soon feeling better. The only advice I can give is not to eat anything for a while and let your stomach have a rest. Drink plenty of water and have a good sleep. I am only a boy and we are not good and dealing with these problems but I will be thinking of you lots. Love Dickens, one of your puppies!!!!! XXXXXXXX

    • Oh Dickens, how sweet of you to try to give advice to your Mum. She’s a stubborn creature and will of course insist on doing things her way.

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