Duvet Day – Thursday 15th March 2018

Duvet Day

Wilma and our Mistress are having a bit of a duvet day today. She is supposed to be in London, our Mistres that is, not Wilma, but with not being well she hasn’t gone. Instead she says they can sit and watch the DVD of Paddington which arrived this week, before the DVD player is packed up for the removers to take. I don’t think they have entirely thought this through if I’m being honest.

I’m guessing in between the DVD watching there is going to be some packing as the removers are coming on Tuesday. I’m going to kennels to be out of the way. I can’t bear to watch things being packed up and besides if Shadow was here she would feel the need to spend all day barking. Wilma’s promised to make sure no one takes my bed, which is comforting.

Empty spaces

What is going to be interesting is coming back from Kennels on Tuesday evening to see the empty spaces where things have gone from. Oh I know our Mistress says that by the time she moves other things round we’ll hardly notice, but I think I’m going to spot the fact that her bed is missing! I’m guessing she will notice that one pretty quickly too. There is a plan, but it won’t all happen at once. I have no idea what is going to happen in the meantime. I do wonder at the end of the day if they might have found it easier just to buy some new things instead!

There are import forms to fill in too and I’m not volunteering for that job! I can’t help but think this whole operation is rather more complicated than is sensible. I should have tried to persuade my Master to retire instead. Life would have been much simpler.



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