Friday Flashback – Friday 16th March 2018

Friday Flashback

Well, hello everyone. Whilst I’m waiting for the snow that’s forecast it’s time for me to do another Friday Flashback and see what everyone did in the years before I got to join the family.

Alfie as a Puppy

So here from 2006 is a little bit from when Alfie was only 4 months old:

It was puppy training again last night. Now I like to think I am not a badly behaved dog, but then I like to think I am handsome, sophisticated and intelligent as well! I just didn’t want to do any of it last night. It isn’t that I can’t, I will sit and come when called at home and you know how much I love playing fetch. Last night I just didn’t want to. I was probably showing off a bit because James had come to watch and I was also testing out some of my new found strength.

I felt a bit mean by the end of the night as my poor mistress was really quite upset about it, she tries so hard the poor dear. I suppose looking after both me and James for the week has been quite hard work. Perhaps I should have put in a little bit of effort. One good thing that came out of it was that she has given up on the idea of training me using affection and praise. She has finally realised that bribery is much more effective, yet again – I win!!!! I suppose on the downside I am now threatened with spending more of the rest of me week doing training so that I can advance past the starter class. At least it will mean lots of treats along the way, can’t be all bad.


Then in 2008 it was lovely to find that Alfie used to do all the sorts of things I like doing. Now that he prefers to stay at home it’s easy to forget that he used to by Mum’s constant companion in the same way I am. She says she misses that with him and reading this I began to understand a little bit. I hope I don’t suffer from dementia when I get old. I want to carry on going everywhere with Mum forever.

The Lake District

Well I walked yesterday. I know I walk everyday but there’s walking and then there’s walking. Yesterday involved some flat bits and some not so flat bits. My Mistress was out of puff for most of the not so flat bits. I think she was using my strength to pull her up the hills. The place we’re staying is near Windermere. It’s near the lake and from what I can see that is a mighty big lake. It’s no wonder that it has been used by boats trying to go very fast.

I thought I’d quite like a go driving a speedboat, but yet again people are being dogist and a dog can’t actually hire out a boat. I’m going to have to try persuading my Master to come with me. To be fair I don’t think it will be persuading him that is a problem, I think it is unlikely that my Mistress would let either of us loose with a speedboat. Some people are just no fun at all.

That’s all from me for today.

Have a great Friday



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