Garden Birds – Sunday 18th March 2018

Garden Birds

It doesn’t take much to get our Mistress excited and the garden birds are certainly managing that. I told you that she seems to have taken to feeding the entire population of garden birds, and as it turns out it is making her happy. Yesterday, the robin came and joined her at the bird table while she was serving his lunch. Then in the afteroon she watched a wren flying in and out of our green compost bin. It’s easy to get into as  the front panel doesn’t fit so well. At least that is since one or other of us removed it to get to the compost!

Shadow and Wilma have been instructed not to chase the birds. Like that’s going to work!

Upset Tummy

Following Shadow’s 24 hour upset tummy the other day, it was Alfie’s turn over Friday night and Saturday. Our poor Mistress cleaned up as best she could. She said she wanted to try to make sure that neither I not Wilma got it to. I’m not sure if her first concern is our health, or her lost sleep having to keep going outside with us.

Wilma’s Bed

Wilma trying out her new bed for the first time and not being quite sure
Wilma’s new bed

I did get a photo of Wilma trying her new bed. Alfie took it as I don’t go upstairs. Wilma isn’t quite sure about the change yet, but she says she’ll get used to it eventually. She’s asked if she can have her old bed on top of it, which is possible but our Mistress has hoped to reallocate it in place of one of the ones falling apart. I suspect they’ll come to some arrangement in which Wilma will totally get her own way.

Right, I’m off to see if it’s going to snow again today. It was all pretty feeble yesterday although the snow storms we had did seem quite bad individually. It’s just they went quickly too.

Happy Sunday


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