Dogs and fleas – Saturday 24th March 2018

Dogs and Fleas

Hello everyone, it’s Aristotle here and I want to talk to you about a personal hygiene issue. Dogs and fleas! That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any fleas so it’s not another of my personal problems, but when we received the chart that I’ve included below, it did make me wonder what you all do to deal with this potentially embarrassing problem.

I should just make clear, if you have fleas it’s not you I expect to be embarrassed about it, it’s your human. I know some humans who carry their fleas like a trophy. Although given how itchy they make you I’m not absolutely sure why. They see it a bit like rolling in fox poo or eating pigeon guarno. Perhaps it’s a right of passage showing you’ve finally made it into the big bad boy world of the average street dog.

Street Dogs

Fleas are not just a street dog problem. In fact they are probably less of a problem for your average street dog as humans seem to expect them to spend their lives scratching. It’s the likes of you and me, in the unfortunate event of our getting fleas, humans don’t take it to well. Which brings me back to the point at paw. What does your human do to thwart any attempt on your part to host a collony of fleas?


Here’s the really fun part. The more you talk about it with your humans or even just in front of them, then the more likely they are to spontaneously start scratching. There is some deep psychological link that subliminally affects humans. It’s a good game if you’re a dog.

We are given the tablets every twelve weeks and they seem to work. I know our Mistress says she’s read a lot of misinformation about some of the tablets and there are ‘stories’ out there that if you search turn out not to be based on fact. She had to look them up to reassure us that we were ok to take them. For us it was safer than finding us licking each other when we had something toxic on our coats.

How about you? Let us know what you think of the whole dog flea issue.

Have a great Saturday


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Dog Flea preventions survey from
Dog Flea Treatment and Prevention

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