My Personal Data – Tuesday 27th March 2018

My Personal Data

I’m a worried dog. I’ve been using the internet for many years and as you will realise have my own page on facebook. Now I’m worried about my personal data and what it might be being used for. I’ve been trying to remember what personality quizzes I’ve filled in over the years and wondering if the inclusion of a dog in the statistics might have swung any elections anywhere. In itself that isn’t worrying, but as leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party, they might think I’ve done some of it deliberately and that might be seen as a bad thing. Now, in fairness I never was in favour of Brexit, so that hasn’t gone the way I wanted it to. And, if I am in any way responsible for the election of Donald Trump then I can only apologise.

First School

You have to think about all the security information you enter over the years and how much that says about you. My first school was a muddy field in Belgium. My memorable date is without doubt the one I moved to live with my Mistress. Favourite colour? That’s a harder one. I don’t see things in quite the same way as you, but I do rather like my old blue bowl and my favourite bed was blue too, so I guess that might have to be blue. Now you know all that about me, just think of the opportunities to impersonate me you might have! You can’t forge my paw print, but you might still have enough information to pretend to be me in some situations.

It’s a worrying thought. There might be a Spaniel out there living on the seamier side of life, wanting to use another dog’s ID. To be fair, I don’t see Spaniels in that light, but I suppose there must be some out there that have made poor choices. As for Jack Russells, well that’s an altogether different matter. I’ve never actually met an honest Jack Russell, so if you see a small wayward dog, claiming to be me do check out that he’s not just an imposter.

Love Alfie

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