Puppy Love – Monday 2nd April 2018

Dad with a puppy
Puppy Love

Puppy Love

Well, it wasn’t so much me as Dad that was experiencing puppy love yesterday. I was very respectful that my sister did not want me in the pen with the puppies, and to be honest they frightened me a bit too. Dad however was busy falling in love with one of the boys who is still looking for a home. It was really funny having Mum making it really clear that we just couldn’t have any more than we already have in the house. I was quite releived to here it as I don’t really want to share either of them with any more dogs.

Snow Romp

I did have the most wonderful romp in the snow with my mama and sister. It was a bit

Me wanting to join Mama and Valeria with the stick
Chasing in the snow

difficult as my sister didn’t actually want me to join in. It was a wonderful big stick they’d got and were carrying between them. I was just hoping to hold the middle bit, but Valeria said I couldn’t. I ran round them and jumped over the stick and then went under it, but in the end I had to go and find my own stick.

New House

view from the front of our new house
View from the front of the new house

We went to see the new house on our way to see Mama. There is snow everywhere. Mum is worried that the removers will have some difficulty taking our things inside. I said I could help as four paw drive is much easier when it’s snowy, but apparently that might not work. The mountain road we went over to get to Mama was amazing. We don’t have anything like that back in England. We stopped at the top where there is a restaurant and a car park, but it was very cold and windy so Mum said we could come back and walk there on a day that was a bit better. The weather forecast is much better later this week.

I’m off to see my sister Tosca today and her puppies so that is going to be exciting too.



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