A Different Day – Tuesday 3rd April 2018

A Different Day

On my walk with Dad
On my walk with Dad

Well yesterday was a rather different day to the one I was expecting. We didn’t get to see my sister Tosca. We did start on the journey, but Mum realised she really didn’t feel well enough to drive so went home to bed instead. She slept for much of the afternoon, while Dad and I went for a walk down by the lake where we are staying. It was a lovely sunny day and it’s amazing how fast the snow seems to be melting. Mum is just hoping she starts to feel better. Otherwise she is going to find out very quickly where our local doctor is here. There is too much for her to do this week for her to keep being ill. I know I can be a nurse dog here as well as I can in England, but I’m not so good at building furniture or driving.

New House

We’re getting the key to the new house this morning, which is very exciting. Then I have to help holding the end of a tape measure so Mum can work out what will fit where and which room will be for what. I havent’ forgotten my promist to Alfie of finding a nice spot for his bed in case he is able to come over. If I sit on lots of bits of the floor I can see which is warmest. I think if I can find a combination of a sunny spot with a nice warm floor then he’d be very happy.

Pet Shop

I’m hoping we’re going to the pet shop soon too. I forgot to pack enough food for the whole trip, but Mum said that we have to go and buy some of Alfie’s favourite biscuits anyway, so we can get me some more food at the same time. If we come here often enough then we’ll be able to have Alfie’s favourite biscuits all the time and that would be really nice for him.



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