Toilet Rolls – Wednesday 4th April 2018

Wilma at her desk - it's back to work today

Toilet Rolls

Oh you really should have been there. Mum went to buy some things from the local supermarket and decided not to take the car. As always, her idea of what she could carry was a little removed from reality. She thought if she carried a big bag in each hand and then had the bottles of water in one hand and the big toilet roll bag in the other that everything would even itself out. She had only got about twenty metres from the store when the bag of toilet rolls split and 16 toilet rolls made a bid for freedom and headed off in all directions. It was a good job it was a dry and sunny day, otherwise they would not have been much use.

She gathered them all up and pushed them into odd corners with the rest of the shopping and did manage to struggle back to where we were staying. I’ve suggested that next time she might want to think about two journies rather than trying to carry so much!

A spot for Alfie

I’ve given a lot of thought to the new house and have chosen two spots for Alfie. In the room that will be the office, there is a wonderful big sliding door that goes out onto a little balcony. He won’t actually be able to see the cows in the neighbouring field but he will be able to hear them and probably smell them from there. I thought he might like a bed by the window so he gets lots of sunshine and a nice gentle breeze when it’s warm.

The other spot that he will like is in the lounge. Oh, I can’t wait to show him. It’s another lovely sunny spot where he can look out across the hillside. I do hope he gets to come one day, but until then I will keep the spaces safe for him.

Love Wilma

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