Stairs and a Cow – Friday 6th April 2018

Stairs and a Cow

Yesterday can be summed up very easily as being about stairs and a cow. Our new house has lots of stairs. And I mean lots and lots. The garage is at ground level, but then the rest of the house is on three more levels above that. It’s all about living on a hillside. On the plus side it means great views and on the downside it means lots of stairs and a cow! Ok, the cow is not strictly connected with the stairs, but it is on next door’s porch and it’s orange… and I don’t like it! I barked at it. Mum had to go and sit on the floor at the nearest point to the cow and then get me to come and sit with her to see the cow was ok. How can it be ok – it’s orange! I guess I’ll get used to it but I’m not really sure at the moment.

A Mountain Walk

Wilma and her human sit down for the first time in the new house
Our first sit down in the new house

Today, thankfully, is more about me and less about boxes. At least this morning is. I’m starting with a lovely mountyin walk, hopefully meeting Megan One and Falk. This Megan is not my aunt. She is the first puppy that Mum was going to have and call Megan, but because her tail curled too much she never came to live with Mum in the end. I think I’m lucky to be called Wilma, rather than Megan Three! Anyway, Falk is not only Megan’s Dad but is also the father of Shadow’s third litter. I’ve got to remember to send him Shadow’s best wishes and tell him how his children in England are doing. I might just be too excited because of the mountain views. Mum got too excited looking at the views yesterday and nearly ended up on a level crossing when the barriers came down, so I know how important it is not to get carried away.

Love Wilma

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  1. Hi Wilma

    I’ll be seeing in less than an hour on the Ratenpass. Im looking forward! We’re going to have a good time, I’m sure!

    By the way: Falk is also the father of MY first litter, the one with Shaggy (+), Seppi (Eigeltingen), etc.

    Mama Susi.

    • Oh Mama, I had such a good time seeing you yesterday. I wish we could find a stick to play with again today. I do think Valeria would eventually let me join in.
      Hopefully I will see you in the next few days. I hope all Valerias visitors go well this weekend.

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