Ikea – Sunday 8th April 2018


You would not believe how long humans can spend in Ikea! Unless of course you’re human, in which case you might. It felt like all day. Even though Mum had made a list of exactly what they needed to pick up and where it was on the shelves, it still seemed to take forever. I waited really patiently. Then while Dad drove everything back to the house in a van, Mum took me for a walk and did some MORE shopping. She even went round Ikea again without Dad. She did come back saying she had bought me a nice rug to curl up on and a table so we can spend more time sitting outside, although what I want with a table I don’t know.


The day did get loads better from my point of view. When we’d finished Mum said I could take Dad and show him our new favourite walk. I positively skipped all the way showing him the things I liked. The farmer had done some more muck spreading since yesterday which was wonderful. It was lovely being able to show off the view as though I were a local, which of course I am in a way.

Then I took them all out for a drink and an ice cream, although I didn’t strictly speaking pay the bill. I left that to the humans seeing as they didn’t buy me an ice cream on this occasion. Apparently, they didn’t think I’d like a tirimisu one. I beg to differ. I think I might have liked it very much.

Building Furniture

Today my job is to help build the furniture. Dad gave me the choice of going for a drive or helping Mum. I know Mum won’t make me work too hard, so I went for that option. It will mean a nice walk at some point too, but I don’t know where to. I think Mum wants to have a look around the village we’ll be living in.

Love Wilma

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