Bed – Tuesday 10th April 2018


Yesterday was mainly about bed. Actually beds in the plural would be more accurate. There’s Mum and Dad’s bed, which despite my help still isn’t finished. It has some holes where there shouldn’t be holes thanks to an error by Mum. Dad’s blaming Mum for his misunderstanding over how some other parts go together too. Then there are the beds for the other room. It seem Mum forgot to buy some key parts for those, so they aren’t finished yet either. All in all it seems to have been Mum’s fault.

You know what all this means don’t you? We have to go back to Ikea… again! I’m starting to know the route by heart. Although to be fair the sat-nav keeps taking us in different directions. There was one point when we went through the same tunnel twice in the same direction on the same journey. I think that was a mistake!

Day Off

Except for going to Ikea on the way, to buy the parts that Mum forgot last time, we’re having a day off today. We’re going to see my sister Tosca and her puppies. I’m so excited. We were supposed to go last week and weren’t able to and I’ve been looking forward to it ever since. It will be lovely to see Tosca’s human too as I stayed with them for a few weeks before first going to England. It is going to be so much more fun than building beds! I know Mum is looking forward to it. I have to go to the vet too so that I’m ready for my journey home in a few days. I just hope Mum remembers to take my passport with her. She needs to get a special stamp in Sybil’s passport too, but I have no idea why that is.

Love Wilma

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