Billy – Friday 13th April 2018


Mum said that if I just say she has been building a Billy Bookcase, then a lot of you would immediately know what that was. As a dog, I have to say that I find that rather sad. Perhaps more sad is the fact she didn’t even need to refer to the instructions in order to know which piece went where. She said she has built so many that she could do that with her eyes closed. Sadly, she must have had her eyes closed when she picked up the doors to go on it. They do not match! One is all glass and one is half glass. They are the same wood as the bookcase and as each other, just not the same amount of glass. Knowing Mum she’d probably just go with them and claim it was a fashion statement. The problem is that Dad would not cope with that and to be fair he’s probably right. However, I think the part is too big to go in the car to take back, so I’ve no idea what they are going to decide to do.

Another Day Another Mountain

Ok, that’s not strictly true. We’re going back to our new favourite place today. The one that is only a couple of miles from our house. The great thing is that as Mama and my sister Valeria live only ten miles the other side, they are coming too. I’m going to really miss them when I go back to England. Maybe Valeria will even let me hold the end of a stick today. I need to have a good run as then I have to spend ages taking dad to collect his new car and that won’t be nearly so much fun – well it will be for Dad, but not so much for me.

Love Wilma

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