Papa – Sunday 15th April 2018

Looking for the snow
Wilma and Papa (Rolex v d Auenrüti)
Me and Papa (Rolex v d Auenrüti)


Oh it was lovely seeing Papa yesterday. He’s a very handsome dog, even if I do say so myself. He was as pleased to see me too, which was lovely. Mum caught up with lots of other dogs too. She say Max who is the father of Shadow’s D litter and Sami who is the father of the B litter. We met some new dogs too. She said if she didn’t know better she’d have thought I was coming into season from how I was with all the boys. I can’t help it if I just like boys, and there were some very handsome ones there! Even Mum said that there were some very handsome ones.


Me trying to stay in bed

I had actually started the day by saying I was not going to get up. That was in protest for my humans saying I had to go to Ikea yet again! I had snuggled into their bed and refused to move. But then they promised it was a very quick trip and told me about all the dogs I’d see afterwards, so I relented. I do like being in the new house as if nothing else it means I’m allowed to get into bed with them, which I can’t do in hotels or holiday homes.

Saying Goodbye

It was hard having to say goodbye to the house and to Switzerland for this trip anyway. It was even worse having to say goodbye to Dad for a few weeks, although it won’t be for long as he has a week home in England soon. I told him I’d miss him and I’d keep his side of the bed warm until he’s home. Now I’ve got a job to do looking after Mum and I’ve promised to do that to my best ability. We’ve done half the journey as I’ writing this and will be home later today.

Love Wilma

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