Travelling Home – Monday 16th April 2018

An awkward position to sleep in

Travelling Home

Travelling home seemed to all be going so well. We like French motorways on a Sunday morning as there are very few other vehicles around and Mum says driving is not so tiring. It means she doesn’t mind talking to me as we go and I like that. She sings sometimes and to be honest that’s not so good, but talking is fine. Anyway, we got to the Channel Tunnel nice and early. I went to the Pet exercise area and really have to say that even the dog toilets in France smell pretty bad. Mum said could I not take too long as she has a very sensitive sense of smell and wasn’t enjoying it. She should try being a dog! Our sense of smell is even more acute, although we probably object a little less.

Checking In

Checking in went smoothly for both of us. There were no dogs queuing and my papers and chip were all fine. Mum then queued for the main check in and got an earlier crossing time. We went straight through into a train that was due to go at 10.50 and that’s when things stopped going quite so well. A train had broken down in the tunnel. Thankfully they must have got it going again as we were only waiting another forty-five minutes.

Five a Day

Other than that the journey wasn’t too bad. I don’t think Mum’s eating habits on the journey were what they should be. The whole thing about having five portions of fruit or veg a day is something she may be stretching just slightly. She claimed to have thad three lots of fruit yesterday but the oranges were marmalade with a croissant, the cherries were in a Black Forest gateaux and the apple was in an apple turnover. I don’t think any of those really count at all.

Now we’re back to missing Dad but looking forward to seeing the others later today.

Love Wilma

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