Reason Why – Wednesday 18th April 2018

The Reason Why

We suspect we may have found the reason why Alfie has lost his voice. He has been using it too much. Of course it could still be something else and he is going to the vet on Friday for his regular blood test. They will check him over too to make sure there is no other cause then him shouting all the time. He’s been driving us mad since we got back. Mum says it’s to do with his dementia and all the changes recently have unsettled him, but whatever it is, he does need to stop for all our sakes. As a dog, I never thought I’d be the one complaining about the barking, or more to the point rasping, coming from the other room. It is getting a bit much though.

Fun Day

I’m really looking forward to our Fun Day on Sunday. I’ve been missing having other dogs to play with and can’t wait to have a good run about with my friends. Ari said he’d run round with me, but his leg is hurting and Shadow likes running but for a shorter time than she used to. It just means I have to remember to really make the most of the occasions when I can be a totally mad thing and if all goes to plan then Sunday will be one of them. I went to tell them all about my trip to Switzerland too. I hope they won’t mind me telling them how wonderful it is. Some of them want to visit one day and I keep telling them they can stay with us… I hope Mum and Dad don’t mind and they don’t all try coming at once!

Missing Dad

It’s really weird not having Dad around now we’re back. Shadow is fed up that I’ve seen him and she hasn’t, but means the others don’t really want to hear that I’m missing him. Mum has told me to focus on the fact that he’ll be home soon and that’s what she’s doing. I just went and curled up in his side of the bed and thought about him instead.

Love Wilma

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