Noise – Thursday 19th April 2018

Wilma looking tired


For a dog who has lost his voice, Alfie is making an awful lot of noise. Mum has spent the whole time suggesting he’d be better trying to rest his vocal chords, but he’s not listening. He is working on the basis that if he keeps trying his voice, sooner or later it might sound right again, but so far it doesn’t. It is surprising how loudly he can ‘grufff’ rather than actually bark. He’s pretty fed up about it all and I have to say so are the rest of us!


We have sunshine in England. Now I know for most of you sunshine is normal, but we’d almost forgotten what it looked like here and certainly what it felt like in this country when it was warm. It is still not as good as it was in Switzerland, but then I may be a little biased. It does mean we all spend more time outdoors, which has to be good. Alfie and Shadow spent quite some time checking out every corner of the garden. Shadow even managed to find something unpleasant to roll in. She got there before me and got it all over her coat. I would have been fed up that I’d missed out if Mum hadn’t made Shadow wash it off immediately.

The good weather made us all feel a little better and more cheerful.

Our next trip

Mum is busy trying to make the various travel arrangements so that we can go and see Dad and he can come home and see us. She says it can all get very confusing to remember who needs to travel from which place to which place and on what date. I do hope she doesn’t get too confused. It was bad enough when she was trying to put petrol in a diesel car on the way home. Fortunately the machine didn’t let her, which she says was rather fortunate!

Love Wilma

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