I must not bark in class – Monday 23rd April 2018

I must not bark in class

I’m going to be spending my morning repeating the words ‘I must not bark in class’. I was not a good girl yesterday. I wasn’t a good girl when we went to the Swiss breeding test either. In between Mum says I’ve been a very good girl, just not on the days where it matters. The problems is ‘boys’. It’s not girl dogs who make me want to bark and misbehave, it’s boys. I like them a lot. I flirt with them and make them fight over me. I’d even got them marking their territory yesterday, which Mum was very cross with me about. I did have a great time, but apparently I caused Mum quite a lot of stress. She says if she didn’t know better she’d have thought I was coming into season. What can I say? I’m just a naturally fun loving girl.

Friends and family

There were so many of my friends and family there yesterday. Elliot and Sybil, both from my sister Valeria’s litter last year, were there and so were Salvo and Izzy who are my sister Tosca’s kids. Mum was delighted to see Della who is one of Shadow’s daughters. Then my friend Koppa was there as well as Alfie’s girlfriend Bella. Oh there were just so many, Toby, Eiger, Albie, Buddy, Odin, Heidi, Basil, Babeli, Ruby, Pip. I think I may have missed someone, it was great fun. I did quite well in the mini show we had but was very proud of my niece, Sybil, who won overall. Elliott really is very tall and looks so like my sister Valeria in the face. He did remind me of her so and we had a great time.

Very Tired

By the time we all got home we were very tired. It’s lovely being outside all day… well except for the driving part and the weather was very nice. Now we are going to have a boring day but I’d much rather play with my friends again.

Love Wilma

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