Best veteran – Tuesday 24th April 2018

Alfie resting

Best veteran

In my absence on Sunday at the Fun Day, I won a rosette for best veteran. Now to be fair, I think I should hold it jointly with Queenie and Shadow as they have as much a claim to be ‘Best veteran’ as I do. However, I am honoured to be thought of in that light and in accepting this award I would just like to thank all those who helped me this far. Obviously, I am indebted to my Mum, Anka and my Dad, Elio, for the part they played. I would also like to thank my birth humans and my Master and Mistress. More importantly all the vets who have cared for me and of course Eukanuba for feeding me throughout my life. I suppose this speech wouldn’t be complete without mentioning my lovely girlfriend, Bella and finally the little dog who has brought such joy to my senior years, Wilma. She is a one off in the dog world!

My voice

I’ve still lost my voice, but am now having the good sense to rest it a little in the hope it will come back. I’m going swimming today, now that our Mistress knows my voice is not ill health. I’m quite looking forward to it and my coat always feels lovely and soft afterwards. If I’m being honest the best part of the process is the wash and blow dry at the end. I just love when the warm air is blown all over my fur.

Counting down the days

I’m counting down the days to seeing my Master. He’s coming home in just another week and a half and although I’m showing it in a very quiet way, I’m really rather excited. I’m hoping for a week of being thoroughly spoiled and given all the love and attention I could possibly ask for… and that’s a lot!



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